Air Purifiers – Breathe Easy and Live Healthy

We all suffer from respiratory ailments, be it a scratchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, allergies, or asthma. These problems can be avoided by using Air Purifiers. To learn more about air purifiers visit

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Some facts about Air Purifiers:

1. The thermodynamics sterilization system, (TSS), is a type of sterilization that uses heat to sterilize the air. Water is heated to a high temperature that kills all types of micro-organisms in the air and then cooled and released into the atmosphere. So it does not need a filter to replace.

2. For air purifiers that use ionization, it has a bit of noise but requires regular cleaning and maintenance of the same and cans also necessary to their surrounding environment. They must have their filters replaced and that adds to the cost of their maintenance.

3. To use the air purifier filtration, it can be noisy, potentially large, and require regular cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of some filters. Power consumption can be costly, depending on the type of air purifier brand.

4. For Air Purifiers using radiation or UltraViolet (UV), this may generate some noise and can be large depending on the brand. Maintenance requires only changing lights which adds to the cost, but no cleaning is required.

5. For air purifiers that use oxidation, it made some noise and could potentially be large depending on the brand. They also require regular cleaning, maintenance, and catalysis; they may require replacement. So the catalyst and maintenance costs add to their burden.

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