Choosing The Right Mountain Bike For Your First Adventure Race In Israel

One of your biggest investments when considering taking on an adventure race is your mountain bike. Generally, the boat for the paddle section will either be provided for you by the race organizers or you will rent it.

Trekking gear and navigation sections are minimal, and many races don't even include a climbing section anymore, so save most of your budget on your bike. There are many companies available that also provide services of bike rentals in Israel.

By the way, unless you launch an urban assault, parts of the bike path are almost guaranteed to be on dirt roads, trails, rocks, and other surfaces that officially shoot race bikes, mountain bikes you want to explore, stiff tails, and bikes with suspension. full.

Hard Tails

Hardtail is jargon among mountain bikers for bicycles that only touch the front fork, i.e. "hardtail". In general, a rigid rear is lighter and less expensive than a full-suspension mountain bike.

Front-end shock absorbers are designed to absorb some of the bumps and shocks to the front tire while providing extra comfort and control.

Full or double suspension

Full suspension means a mountain bike that works on the front fork and rear wheel of the bike. Better comfort and control, especially down, come at a higher price and added weight.

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