Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions That You Can Fix Yourself

As a homeowner, you are sure to encounter a plumbing problem at one time or another. The most common plumbing problems occur in either the kitchen or the bathroom near sinks and drains. Luckily, the most common concerns are also the easiest to repair.

I've listed some do-it-yourself repair tips to help you get through some of what's sure to be a problem during the life of your home-ownership. You can also hire experts for toilet unclogging services in Dublin.

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Clogged Sink

Clogged sinks are usually caused by a blockage of food or grease in the drain pipes. Initially, try to use a plunger to loosen up the blockage and see if that will help unclog your sink. You may need to stuff a wet dishcloth into the drain on the other side of the sink (in kitchen) or in the overflow drain (in bathroom) to create suction. If that doesn't work, you can also try to snake a piece of wire down the drain to dislodge the block.

Blocked Toilet

Any blockage is usually caused by something lodged in the pipeline. If you see the water rise after you flushed the toilet instead of going down, immediately turn off the water supply to the toilet to stop it from overflowing. Next use a plunger to open it.

Faucet leaking

leaking faucet valve is generally caused by corroded or worn washer. Replacing worn washer should solve your problem leaky faucet. Always be sure to turn off the water supply to the sink first.

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