Did You Know About The Vienna City of Culture

The city of Vienna, capital of Austria, is a metaphor for the new and Europe. Being rich culturally, Vienna has acquired a futuristic perspective in recent years making it one of the most popular tourist destinations on the continent.

The city was once known as the "meeting point" for the people and has become a place of get-away favorite. If you also want to explore Vienna but do not have any idea about it then you can hire a Vienna guide to experience the best Vienna time and activity planning.

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Vienna has always been a cultural city and its attractions bear witness to this fact. The best example of this would be the royal summer palace or Schloss Schonbrunn. This palace is one of the most visited sites in Vienna and is absolutely breathtaking in terms of its architectural beauty. 

This colossal structure contains about 1400 pieces. Only forty of these rooms are open to the public and it can take half a day to complete the tour around the palace. 

Many like to enjoy the beauty of the garden, which consists of a maze, a greenhouse and the Gloriette monument. The palace also has its own zoo which is actually the oldest zoo in the world. 

Children who can get bored of architecture are sure to have a good time at this zoo which has a fantastic collection of animals.

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