Different Styles of Landscape Design

The choice of right Landscape design style will depend on the appearance of your home, as well as your personal interests and needs. Get the right design style on  https://www.2brotherslandscaping.com/.


There are a number of different garden styles, each having their own unique features, listed below:

1. Formal Garden: They are linear patterns, defined shapes, and clear structure. It is based on any geometric shapes like circles, rectangles, squares, etc. They can be quite costly and require extensive maintenance.

2. Informal garden design: They are natural and relaxed, present with imperfect shapes and curves. On the other hand, it can be flowery and colorful. This type of landscape design is easy to maintain as compared to formal garden design.

3. English Garden Style: This is a combination of formal and informal garden style, the English and country designs are colorful and relaxed with a scheme of simplicity. These gardens are featured by attractive borders and covers, which enhance the look of outdoor living areas.

4. Oriental Landscapes: They are peaceful, balanced, and reflect the relaxing effect of nature. These styles highlight the beauty of the outdoors. Lovable footpaths and bridges add elegance, Lush bamboo provides shade and privacy to these garden designs.

5. Tropical Outdoor Designs: They are lush with bright colors, warm and moist climate is best for tropical gardens. Fruit trees, shrubs, and oversized leaves create a wonderful impact on it.

From the above-mentioned design styles, you can choose the right landscape garden design style for your home according to your tastes and purposes which will work best for your property.


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