Fear – Understand It And Defeat It!

To understand and accept fear, we must first adopt the concept that we experience fear because we are in our ego. Most fear, or fear and disguise and justified as 'anxiety' will never be real, it just will not happen.

As long as the fear is not about your safety or health, there is little you can do to change the outcome. You have been capable of taking appropriate steps to reduce the risk. For more information about fear of flying, you can see here now.

Fear Of Flying

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Understanding fear is mostly unknown, or thoughts of possible consequences or events that may or may not ever happen. Once an event occurs, this fear is usually not present.

Accept that these are only thoughts, fear is usually not reality. Learn to control these thoughts with disjoint detachments. Reflection is an important tool to achieve this detachment. Take your fears, imagine them to be a short film, and play them through their possible conclusions.

A general fear is flying. If you are afraid of flying, then the reality is fear of crashing, injury, and death – not fear of flying! It is the same with every fear, it is just thoughts of a possible negative outcome or event.

Now you will be able to see what the fear looks like, and you can begin to take control of yourself and your thoughts by seeing how you will face the situation if it happens.

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