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Casio was an instant success in the watch market. Casio was one of the first manufacturers of quartz crystal watches, both digital and analog versions, and in the 1980s, the brand also released calculator watches.

At the time, Casio was one of the only brands able to release a product that could display the time in many different time zones, as well as the only brand that offered watches with temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and GPS position. In short, Casio ruled the market thanks to innovations that no one else had come up with yet. Find out more info here about Casio watches.

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The G-Shock line has grown considerably. It now includes atomic clock synchronization, as well as “Tough Shock” functionality in the latest models, and the Cockpit Series of the G-Shock has been chosen as the official timekeeper of Nismo racing.

Never models of G-Shock watches feature metal banding and ornate analog timekeeping; in the nineties, the brightly colored G-Shock watches for teens were done in rubber in fun, spunky colors like lime greens and hot pinks. Modern-day G-Shock watches are popular with police officers, firemen, soldiers, and paramedics – the people who appreciate the initial, steadfast, and reliable qualities of the G-Shock.

Casio offers a wide variety of women’s watches as well. One of the most popular models for women is actually the simplest – the Casio Women’s Rubber Series Digital Quartz Alarm Rubber Strap Watch is extremely affordable, and also gets the job done.

A rectangular black rubber case uses stainless steel back and features an altimeter, thermometer, and barometric settings to help you stay in stride.