Gildan T Shirts – Sweatshirts and Off-The-Shoulder Tees

T-shirts have always been in fashion, this is because it is a versatile fashion trend that pairs well with skirts and pants. There is serious competition in the market against the thousands of companies and brands that make T-shirts for children, teens, and adults.

Changes are added to this trend in each new season because experimentation and introduction to new styles are the market demand. The latest trend that marks this functional garment is loose t-shirts with asymmetric necklines. If you want to order Gildan apparel, visit

These are known as off the shoulder tops and sweatshirts and are available in several different designs, which are as follows:

Distressed Tees

These shirts have the neck cut by hand in the shape of a wide mouth so that they do not reach the shoulders. Apart from this, these also include other worn details such as that they may have grooves on the sides or that the sides may be knotted. Gildan t-shirts are available in this style and can be found in many different colors and sizes.

Loose T-shirts

They are contrary in style to worn t-shirts, as they are off-the-shoulder t-shirts and only hang from one shoulder. In fact, these may have only one sleeve. They are more modern and stylish than distressed tees as they have smooth edges. If you want to wear a punk look with these shirts, you can show off your bra strap on the bare shoulder. Interchangeable bra straps are readily available; you can pick up some good ones as they are available in cute prints and colors.

Double shoulder bare style

T-shirts are also available in an off-the-shoulder style; These allow both the shoulders to be bare and completely strapless. Tank tops are worn under these shirts to help them stay in place and not fall off.

These t-shirt trends are becoming popular with teens and even adults. If you love the cool casual look, you must go for these shirts!


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