Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce

Want to learn more about Google chrome extensions to Salesforce? Join us and learn about some useful Google Chrome extensions. In this section we cover 9 on Salesforce Chrome Extension.

  • Organizer for Salesforce
  • Code sophisticated Searcher
  • entry
  • Salesforce Name API
  • Salesforce Colored favicon
  • DevTools Salesforce
  • Apex Debugger
  • Salesforce Navigator

There are many other extensions awesome Salesforce available in the market. However, in this session we will talk about the top Google chrome extensions to Salesforce. If you want to accelerate adoption with the salesforce chrome extension, then you can simply click at – your step-by-step salesforce help and training.

Salesforce Organizer: organizers Chrome Extension (BETA) lets you forget about your username and password and helps you to recognize tab on your browser. Its also has many other features. Please check our records to it.

Sophisticated Searcher Code: Allows you to quickly search through your example Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages and components. Login: Helping you manage your Salesforce login and lets you login with one click.

Salesforce API name: small extension to switch between field names and labels on Salesforce API details page.

Salesforce colored favicons: Replace the favicon with a standard Salesforce colored based org. Also, displays a separate icon for cases sandbox.

Salesforce DevTools: Powerful Salesforce developer tools, including Query Editor, definition Fields, ERD, Page Layout, and others.

Apex Debugger: Debug Code Salesforce apex with ease, improved debug log for Salesforce.

Salesforce Navigator: This extension will help you get to the page fast Salesforce. Just type what you need to do.

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