How To Throw Your Princess A Tea Party

Hosting a tea party for your little girl will not only keep her busy for a few hours but will also make her feel special and loved. A touch of brilliance, lots of pink dishes and delicious food and subtle sounds are just a few of the ingredients that ensure a successful party.

If you're on a budget, make your little one's tea party easy and stress-free by hiring a small tea cafe in palm beach. You can make decorating easier by taking the help of their staff.

They use their own teacups, saucers and teapots and decorate with stickers and glitter glue that peels off easily. This looks great at your princess's tea party. Maybe you want to throw a tea party for your little one's birthday or just celebrate your little girl with some of her closest friends? Whatever the reason for hosting, don't forget to have fun too! 

How to throw your daughter's tea party:

To make sure all of your little one's friends show up and are dressed appropriately, send out invitations at least a week in advance of the date. Keep the invitations simple and concise, and try making them at home – this will ensure your budget fits. 

Remember, you must provide the date, time and location of the tea party, as well as the dress code. If you are having a princess tea party, ask the girls to appear in princess dresses. This applies to fairy tale themes, theme parks, or Disney themes. 

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