Imparting Basics of Chemistry Online

It has been previously thought that although online factors have changed the learning approach and made it convenient for students and teachers, not all subjects can be taught effectively online. You can experience effective online Chemistry classes for JC Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

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The teachers use chemistry block diagrams to systematize the study of concepts such as atoms, molecules, ions, and equilibria. Online tutors should not make items appear crowded when using flowcharts. For example, a blockchain definition does not need to be on a flowchart. Instead, you can say the keyword "transformation", which is the essence of a chemical reaction. 

This raises questions in the minds of students about which objects are changed under what conditions. Flowcharts are algorithmic representations of concepts and processes. Although most flowcharts are computer-related, flowcharts can be used in any subject where a linear approach helps to create a knowledge network.

Another way to teach chemistry online is to use colour as a teaching tool. Colours can also be used as teaching aids for students. Knowledge of colour psychology helps as a mentor. But did you know that mixing colours is effective subjectively because certain colour combinations stimulate one learner, but not necessarily another?

Some students may prefer pictures of plants and animals to relate to the topic, while others prefer objects or just flowcharts. Understanding your student psychology will help you choose the right teaching tools.


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