Important Facts About Horse Feeding

High-grade foods and even supplements must be provided to the animal that’s continuously engaged in performances such as races for at least three weeks before the competition and even during it for making sure that it can supply its peak performance.

This type of feeding will also ensure the inner damage caused mainly to the muscular tissues of the animal can be restored if it is continued even after three weeks of the event. To get more information about the best horse supplements visit

race horse supplements

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To make sure the deficiency is removed, the horse should be fed with nearly 50 percent of oats in combination with regular supplementation with about 30 percent of grass or hay.

The rest should be derived from barley, husks, corn, wheat and quality nutritional supplements at all levels. The quality of grass can meet 20% of the protein requirement of the animal, while poor food can only meet 2.5 percent of the protein requirement of a performing animal.

When feeding the pony with dietary supplements, it’s again, especially helpful in identifying the products which are placed in these supplements. Dietary fiber is just one among them.

Besides several types of supplements such as equine supplements, there are some online shops that manage various types of farm goods as well as grooming supplies too.

Additionally, they have various types of products such as whips, treats, secure products, and shampoo, horse wear products, and first aid products for the animals.

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