Important Facts About Monsanto

Monsanto is a multibillion-dollar business that began in 1904. Their motto is: Suppliers are “sustainable agricultural companies focused on supporting farmers around the world”.

Monsanto is believed to be the mother of agricultural biotechnology. Monsanto is one of the best producers of biotechnology, genomics and compost for plants and is also the inventor of weed killers.

These GMO foods contain many harmful chemicals that cause many health problems. There are several lawyers who help people suffering from diseases caused by GMO foods. They help them get financial compensation.

If you or a family member also suffers from illness due to the use of GMO products, you can also contact a monsanto roundup lawsuit lawyer to file a lawsuit against them.

Monsanto Cancer Warning

Many men and women who oppose Monsanto claim that suppliers produce mutant plants to increase Roundup sales. This genetically modified seed is made to be resistant to raw compounds so that weeds can be coloured and plants can flourish.

Rights about Monsanto

  • GMOs have been linked to a number of diseases, including brain cancer, breast cancer, melanoma and many others.
  • Although much research shows the dangers of chemicals used by Monsanto, there are still no laws that require companies to label food with GMOs.
  • Despite Monsanto’s promise, GMO seeds do not provide many plants.
  • More than 500,000 babies are born with developmental problems due to exposure to Monsanto’s orange material.
  • Monsanto GMO foods are related to food allergies before they are seen.
  • Instead of helping small farmers, Monsanto has thousands of farmers, provided they are committed to patent infringement.

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