Keep Your Roof Tiles in Proper Shape in Melbourne

The roof is that part of our house which goes through all sorts of weather conditions and suffers maximum damages. Hence, frequent maintenance of the roof is required to keep it and the house safe from any further damages. Roof restoration services across Melbourne is different for different types of roofs. A roof having slanting shape are usually covered with Slates. These tiles may be of clay, stones, wood, slates, terracotta etc.

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Terracotta means baked earth. In olden days the terracotta things were made on potters' wheel. Terracotta tiles are used for floor and rooftops which are famous for its smooth finish and warm feel. The drawback of terracotta tiles is that they are easily broken and less durable.

Thus, the easiest way of terracotta tile repair is to remove the broken tiles and replace them with new tiles. Remove the edges of the tiles slowly with a painter tape which helps to prevent from making cracks to the nearby tiles.

The easiest way of removing the broken tiles for terracotta tile repair is drilling a hole in the centre of the broken tile so that the tile comes out losing any other bond with the surrounding tiles. Then, remove the broken tiles with a chisel with an angle and a terracotta mortar, at the backside of the new tile, press it firmly. Place that tile in the place of broken tile and apply the mortar on the surroundings of this plate. Let the mortar dry for 24 hours.

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