Know About The Performance Of Corvette

In 1953 the corvette was unveiled, and has been going strong ever since. Chevrolet Corvette has been one of the best performing sports cars in the last 5 decades.

With more than 400 horses in the most basic package you will definitely have a good time driving this car. You can also get more information about Corvette 0-60 times by surfing internet.

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There's also a dual-mode exhaust system that provides an extra six new take you up to 436 hp. You may be asking yourself what on earth I would do with more hp.

Apparently someone did not think no such thing as too much power. Once you get bored with your lame 436 hp there is plenty that you can add to excel on the road.

Cold air intakes are a quick, relatively cheap and easy way to increase your strength. Only about 30 minutes you can add up to 15 hp more.

Choosing the proper intake can be tricky as well. Cold air intake also can increase your gas mileage as much as two miles per gallon. Gas prices jumped to around $ 4.50 in most areas so why not take advantage of a few miles per gallon.

Chips and tuners are the second way you can increase your strength. They are just about equally as easy if not easier to install versus the cold air intakes, and take about 20 minutes less to install. In less than 10 minutes you could have 10 more horses under your hood.

Improving engine efficiency also increases your gas mileage and your power. These are just two of the many ways to invest into your corvette.

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