Make Money Shopping for Others as a Personal Shopper in NYC

Want to know what job is right for you. For many women I know, there is nothing better than being a professional shopper. This is also not a fictional dream job. More and more people are making careers with professional shopping.

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The reason why this is a viable career is, believe it or not, the increasing demand for home buyers and companies is also increasing. You don't need expensive education to get into this area, just the ability to find the right shoes for the right dress.

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It also takes patience, insight, and traction. To shop for someone, you have to know who that person is, what their tastes are and what values they have. Here are some tips on how to turn your favorite hobby into a career.

Before you start a career in professional shopping, think about what you know better. Do you think you are more suited to buying gifts for other people, or do you prefer fashion and buy clothes better? If you've taken an interior design course, then home decor shopping might suit your talents better.

Do a little workout shopping for family and friends before turning it into a full-fledged career. Let them give you a fixed amount of money and then buy the things they need.

If your friends and family are happy and still talk to you after they shop, use them as a list of referrals when prospects ask for it. There's nothing wrong with having this list in case anyone wants to ensure client satisfaction with your previous job. This is a great way to show that your shopping career is more than just a part-time hobby.

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