Make Resin Jewelry In All Shapes And Colors

Resin is becoming increasingly popular for jewelry making. It can be colored with transparent and opaque pigments and dyes and used to encapsulate a variety of objects. Using pre-made molds a wide range of objects can be made. Resin is a liquid that when mixed with a catalyst becomes solid. Many varieties exist with slightly different characteristics, catalyst ratios, and working times.

Epoxy, polyurethane, and polyester resins are the three basic types used for jewelry making. Once you become aware of the properties of these resins you can then decide which type suits your needs.

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Resin jewelry makers produce bracelets, brooches, earrings, and necklaces in all shapes and colors. Using commercially made or home-produced molds home jewelry makers can produce colorful original items. Two-part silicone rubber is readily available which allows the artist to make individual casing molds.

Photos, paper, fabric, flowers, metal, plastic, glass, glitter, candy, flowers, and many other materials can be encased in resin. Resin can be combined with precious metal clay and other precious metals to produce lovely jewelry items.

Resin, colored with pigment or other material such as shaved pastels, oil paint in some cases, even spices such as paprika, is used to produce original jewelry pieces. The introduction of epoxy paints, pastes, metallic, and pearl products that only require the addition of catalyst rather than a mix of epoxy, catalyst, and color pigment has simplified cold enameling.

Gold, silver, precious metal clay, as well as other metals, can be enameled without needing to be kiln fired. Whatever resin material you use always read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), these sheets should accompany the product you are using.

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