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Mountain bikes are specially meant for rough and rugged terrain. Traction and shock absorbing mountain bicycles are provided with extra fat knobby tires. However, a full front and rear suspension is becoming quite a common factor nowadays with bikes meant for e-mountain bike.

Mountain Bikes - Perfect Hill Heroes

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Some bikes of this particular variety is equipped with bar ends on the handlebars, but with recent trends the use of handlebars and extensions are becoming less and less popular.

Mountain bicycles have both 26 and 29 inch wheels. Larger wheels of this motor type have better rolling capacities over rocks. Additionally, the wheels, a larger diameter, also bring enhancements rotational weight giving way to stable acceleration.

Cross-Country Mountain Bike

This bike variety has small amount of suspension at the front or the back. This bike is relatively light because they are constructed with lightweight materials both in frame construction and components. They utilize a rigid front fork that helps in saving weight. Here, the skills of riders pass through rough terrain are more important.

Freeride Mountain Bike

This is very similar to Endure bikes and more emphasis on weight and enhanced suspension. Angle bicycle frame as usual steep compared to mountain bikes. Most freeride bikes are 30 to 45 pounds of weight.

Trials Mountain Bike

It is a trial of a particular bike.  This bike is very light than other mountain bikes and weighs between 15 to 25 pounds. Light weight makes it easy for the biker to maneuver the bike.

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