Olive Oil and its Health Benefits

When cooking healthy foods, olive oil is the best-recommended oil by doctors. Not only does it make food taste better, but it also functions as an effective ingredient in some health products such as pharmaceutical drugs, food supplements, and cosmetics.

During the earlier times, olive oil is used as fuel for traditional oil lamps. As of this time, olive oil is used all throughout the world especially in countries where the olive tree grows.

How is the olive oil processed?

Basically, olive oil is a type of fat that is extracted and processed from the olive tree. Olive trees grow specifically in the Mediterranean Basin which is the world’s largest supplier of olive oil. 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from whole olives by means of grinding them through chemical or mechanical methods.


Before it turns into oil, the olive fruit is transformed into an olive paste and then churned slowly allowing microscopic droplets of oil to concentrate.

There are two methods by which the oil can be extracted and these are centrifugation which is the modern method and by means of pressure which is the traditional method.

The process of extraction takes quite a long process because oil can still be extracted from the remnants of the solid substance which is called ‘pomace’. Olive oil is mainly used as a cooking agent particularly for frying and simmering.

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