Product Design for Inventors in Ontario

Product Design is an essential part of developing your idea into a viable, marketable product. It is the process of considering the function of the product, its appearance, and how it is going to be made.

The inventor can do a certain amount of this themselves but a professional product designer may well need to be employed. Product design can also help to answer two important questions:

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Is my idea technically possible?

A product designer can conduct an idea feasibility assessment to ensure that your product will work and is possible to manufacture. Some simple products may not require this stage but for others, it is essential to ensure that time is not being wasted visualizing or prototyping an idea that is not viable.

For example, there is no point in visualizing a new travel kettle if there are no batteries that are powerful enough to boil a kettle in a compact size.

Will anyone buy my idea?

Who better to answer this question than the buyers for the main retailers, manufacturers, or distributors from the market sector that is appropriate for your product?

These are people who deal in the right market and they know it best. In order to present your idea effectively to these industry experts, it would be prudent to properly design and professionally present your idea.

A good product designer takes a 'back of an envelope sketch' and turns it into a thought-through, developed a concept that will impress and help gain useful feedback from the industry.

(It is worth noting that you need to protect your idea before presenting to the industry. Always protect your Intellectual Property first. Seek advice from a Chartered Patent Attorney.)

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