Experience The Attractions Of Maui

The gentle semi-tropical climate of Maui contributes to small temperature variation during the year.  Lightweight clothes, swimsuits plus a blouse or coat for day are fantastic for a Maui vacation. 

Maui Attire is normally casual, though if you are attending a former lahaina luau in Maui then you can choose a tropical shirt for boys and girls can dress in a muumuu or vibrant sundress. Throughout summer, daylight lasts for almost 13 hours.

Lahaina, once called the whaling capital of the world, currently offers Maui traffic an exciting mix of both new and old. Visitors can break beneath the shade of the Banyan Tree planted in 1873, walk through the Old Courthouse, or ramble through small stores featuring Maui memorabilia, gifts, clothes and much more.

Along with the frequent sand shores, Maui delivers dark sand shores and red sand beaches. From tranquility to surfing to snorkeling, the shores of Maui provide something for everybody. The pure splendor of Maui extends past the beaches to the lush mountains.

Halekala National Park on Maui has been rated a leading national park by Consumer Reports for great reason. The park provides 32 miles of biking paths. The magnificent sunrise view from the summit is a favorite one of Maui tourists.

Outdoor enthusiasts find Maui provides lots of activities. Along with trekking, Maui visitors may enjoy biking, kayaking and hang gliding. All offer the advantage of up-close screening of the beauty of Maui. Golf is known as Maui's favorite game.