Discover a Brilliant Shine With Spray Texture in Car Painting

Cars faces corrosion due to environmental factors. The natural oxidation process makes car paint more difficult. Wash the car regularly to polish it and remove the layer of oxidized paint to avoid undue damage. There are many ways to get that lost shine back.

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You can use a clay bar system which is only used to remove dirt from your vehicle but is not very effective for polishing or removing scratches. The time it takes to complete the clay stick making process usually depends on the age of the vehicle and the amount of dirt.

The time is a few hours or sometimes a day. You should start with a thorough wash and wax mask. Use a detergent made specifically for car paint. After cleaning, start repainting.

The process is simple. You need to apply a few drops of oil on the car and rub the clay stick with light pressure. This will gradually get a smoother result. Once done, dry the area with an elastic towel. Now it's time to apply a wax sealer to protect the paint.

The spray texture is also known as "popcorn coating". It is a process that protects the car body from dirt and debris which gives it a rough texture. It is a high quality sealant that will protect the body from dirt, insects, bad weather, stones and other foreign objects.

This process is not as simple as a clay rod system. The sealant must be completely mixed with the paint. Apply paint with exclusive weapons and you have to master the correct use of weapons. Spraying your car is a stressful and terrifying task. Learn the technique properly.