General Facts About Cork Flooring

We've compiled this list of facts to give consumers a better idea of all the facts they need to know about cork flooring. Far from being a complete guide, it's mainly meat and potatoes. The general idea is to convey the important facts behind the cork as flooring to the user.

Cork is a natural product. 

The production process does not add other ingredients or artificial products. Make sure this is a truly environmentally friendly cork floor product and only uses natural ingredients that are truly sustainable.

Amorim WISE Waterproof Cork Flooring - Cork Look (Originals Shell)

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Cork is considered an excellent sound insulator. 

It has been shown to absorb ambient noise and reduce overall sound volition. The cellular structure of the cork allows the cork to aid in insulation as well. This is due to the honeycomb cells with trapped air. The air prevents hot or cold air under the floor from affecting surface temperatures.

If you have allergies, cork can be a boon to your home. 

Due to its natural ingredients, suberine cork is known to be hypoallergenic and resistant to hair and pollen. This substance also makes the cork resistant to mold, moisture, powdery mildew, bacteria, and pests.

Cork flooring is a very comfortable choice for flooring, even though it's technically a wood-based product. 

The unique cell structure is also the reason for the convenience of the connector. This helps to provide cork pillows and comfort to the feet and joints of anyone who has been standing or walking on cork for extended periods of time.