All About the Dental Filling Process

You may not even have a toothache, but still you should go to your dentist for a routine checkup which includes X-rays. And in the X-rays, it can even detect the smallest cavity which could be repaired before getting worse. Your dentist will have to see inside your mouth, so open widely and try to be silent. They will not hurt you and will only look at your dental health as a whole includes your gum. Here is a good reference, for the dental filling treatment, that is

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The cavities are generally fixed by filling. Filling is probably the most common dental work type carried out because it offers an easy way to repair a tooth that suffers from the strength. The procedure is quite easy. The doctor will inject into your gum to numb the area until you feel nothing. Then, with its dental tools, it will eliminate the decay area from your tooth. It will clean and then fill the area with a special dental material that will act as the original tooth.

The whole procedure from going into the office to getting the filling and leaving will take up to an hour. Since your mouth will be numb for few hours, it is advisable not to eat or drink anything.