Electronic Door Locks – Different Types

One of the new ways to protect your home is the electronic lock. They approach basically in three different kinds that also offers an extreme level of security to the consumers who use them. It also has slightly different working operations than other kinds of locks.

There is also the availability of #1 biometric digital door locks in Australia via Kaadas Australia kind of companies to satisfy their customers with better security. The different types are:

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Keypad Locks:

After installing this, there is no need to carry a key along with you. All you need to do to punch a code on the keypad and go inside of your house. There are advantages to this system is that once you punch in the code, the door will automatically be unlocked. 

Keyless Entry System: 

This type of electronic lock is also called the lock key chain. It works like a keyless entry of a car. In this there is a button on your door that unlocks and locks the door of your home. With this lock, you just have to stay a few feet away from the lock to get activated and you do not have a need to touch a keypad to obtain the entry inside your house. 

Remote Access Locks:

This electronic lock is one of the best and the safest system. The system works with your home securely with intelligence. With the help of a computer, phone, or tablet, you are able to control the entire system. Moreover, this electronic lock system also enhances the safety of your residence and is easier to use.