Choosing The Best Weight Lifting Program For Weight Loss

To lose body fat quickly and to keep it for good, using the best weightlifting program for weight loss will be very helpful.

Weight lifting burns a surprising number of calories, but not just when you lift heavy items. Up to 48 hours after the fact, your body is still burning calories at a higher rate. You can also look for the best gyms in Albuquerque, NM for weight lifting programs.

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If this is not a good reason to pump a little weight in your workouts, nothing is. There are two main options, the first is for someone who is relatively untrained in weightlifting and if you are out of shape or you have not lift weights for more than 3 months straight – this one is for you:

Best Weight Lifting Programs For Weight Loss – Option 1: deadlifts, squats, clean and press (or military press), bench press, salary increases calf, and bent over row.

Even if you are just starting, especially if you are a woman, use lightweight for the first few sessions, you will still get outstanding results – no muscle mass, muscle tone and burn only fat. Perform three repetitions of 10 for each.

Best Weight Lifting Programs For Weight Loss – Option 2: your body works in splits, Monday chest and Triceps, Tuesday Back and calf, Wednesday off, Thursday Feet, Friday off, and Saturday starting again.

A perfect workout session will help you burn fat and get into the right shape that you want. So, start your workout session NOW!