How Often Should You Clean Your Grease Trap?

The grease trap is one of the most important pieces of equipment in home and commercial kitchens. It collects grease, fats and other waste products that are generated while cooking and keeps your oven or cooking range from getting clogged.

Despite its importance in cooking, the grease trap often gets neglected for maintenance. Many people don’t even notice the grease trap until it fails. It is also a big culprit in kitchen fires. You can also get more information about grease trap cleaning in Dublin via

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Although accumulated grease is not a fire hazard, it can burn when exposed to fire due to the presence of oils. In this blog we look at when and how often you need to clean oil traps in your kitchen to keep things safe and functional.

There are internationally recognized rules for cleaning grease. The rule is that you need to clean the grease trap if it is filled to 1/4 of its total capacity with FOG (grease, oil, grease and solids).

This rule applies to all greases from all types of ovens and ovens. Total fat capacity doesn't matter. If the grease trap reaches about a quarter of its total capacity, you will need to clean it to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the grease trap.

Otherwise, oil and grease will flow out of the trap through the tube. If the grease trap doesn't collect waste very efficiently, it will fill half the mark. It also becomes more susceptible to spills and fires.