Italy Cruise Vacations Provide History, Adventure, And Romance

Italian mind conjures images of ancient Rome, the aroma of fragrant spices Italy and wine, tossed coins in the Trevi Fountain, and navigate the romantic canals of Venice with your loved ones.

Italy provides so much for visitors to see and do and all the travel that can be achieved in various ways, including through a wonderful selection of Italian cruise holiday.

While many choose to see Italy by way of a land tour, those who enjoy cruising normally prefer the option to explore the country during the day and return to a cozy cabin aboard their floating hotel every night. You can get to know more about excellent Italy trip companies through an online search.

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Most popular cruise lines offer Mediterranean cruises that include stops at various ports in Italy and surrounding countries.

Indeed, the Italian cruise vacation is a great way to see the country, from the shoreline occasionally rude and always beautiful to interior towns overflowing with history and romance.

While the beaches may not include everything that you see on the bus or self-guided auto tour, cruising allows you to hit the main highlights of this amazing country.

Ports of Call

When searching for a sea cruise that includes a stop in various Italian cities and towns, take some time to research a particular port call to determine who might enjoy seeing.


This ancient city, with narrow streets and amazing palazzi, is a treasure. Easy to reach by foot from the cruise terminal, you will want to take the time to explore every nook and cranny.


Many of the Italian cruise vacations include a stop in this coastal town, which is close to Florence and Pisa.