Important Facts about Oil Drilling

Oil drilling industry is regarded as the most refined industry in the world. With the increasing demand for natural gas and oil, firms continue to look forward to increasing the production of existing wells.

Today, with advances in equipment and new methods, oil and gas drilling companies can reach even those reservoirs which are considered as unapproachable.

Geologists play an important role in the process of oil drilling because they are people who find the best site for drilling in accordance with knowledge and experience. They may work on a contract basis or independently with a specific company.

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They are professionals who learn about rocks and terrain to choose the best location or a bed for the oil drilling process.

The main function of the drilling is to pump out gas and crude oil from the earth's crust. Crude oil is found in a liquid or semi-solid state (in the form of tar).

The oil can be drilled by one of the following drilling processes:

• Offshore Drilling: In this process, the oil drills specifically known as the jack-up rig is used at a depth of 200 feet and when a depth of 2000 feet below, the rig attached to the seafloor with an airbag is filled.

• Rotary Drilling: You can identify with the turntable spinning at the base and high oil derricks. Special mud that helps to pull out the stone cutting and lubricate the drill bit also requires in the rotary drilling process.