Organic Matter – How It Benefits Garden Soil

Soil organic matter is the amendment that you add to your garden soil containing organic compounds. Manure, compost and green manure are examples of organic materials that provide many benefits for the life of the plant by dissolving the minerals in the soil and improve plant uptake of water and nutrients.

Organic matter improves soil structure and at the same time feed a wide variety of beneficial insects and microorganisms that exist in the soil to make it a healthy ecosystem. You can get to know about Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria or Growing Cannabis Indoors via an online search. 

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Has a large population of beneficial organisms in the soil, the harmful organisms tended to be able to survive? Favorable organisms feed on harmful microbes like nematodes and other soil-borne diseases and release nutrients back into the soil at the same time.

Compost is the most commonly used source of organic material with an organic gardener house and can be made from a wide variety of organic materials. Garden debris, grass clippings, yard trimmings, paper products, along with fruit and vegetables scratches just a few ingredients that can be added to a compost pile to produce a humus-rich soil amendment that will greatly benefit the garden soil structure.

Aged manure from chicken and beef are two other examples of organic materials that will greatly benefit the garden soil structure. It must be aged for at least a six-month period of time prior to use as fresh can burn your plants. The best way is to add manure to the compost pile and let it age and decompose organic materials resources.

Green manures also have other benefits that are only adding organic matter back into the soil.