Best Places in Philippines to Enjoy the Night


No doubt visiting Philippines during the day is going to be a lot of fun. But when the sun sets down, that’s when party animals start to come out in order to have a great and fantastic time. From laser lights in pubs to a more convenient bar, there is nothing short of awesomeness in Philippines for those who wish to enjoy nightlife. If you happen to be in Philippines, then consider visiting some of these awesome spots after sunset.

  1. Prisma – Located in Boracay, Prisma is a bar where when you step inside, it gives you the feeling of tropical feel. If you are in a group, then prisma might be the perfect option for you and your friends. This bar is also a great option for couples who wish to seek more of a romantic candle light dining experience.
  2. Valkyrie Nightlife – Located in Manilla, the Valkyrie Nightlife is a popular bar that is known to play some of the best music. The dance floor is surely going to invite those who wish to show their dance moves.
  3. City of Dreams – Another popular bar in Manila is City of Dreams packed with beautiful interiors that is going to make you fall in love with this place. This bar is regarded to be the best in Philippines for drinking and dancing.
  4. Boracay Pub Crawl –If you wish to get a different and unique vibe, then head over to Boracay Pub Crawl. Just before you head to the dance floor, you will be asked to wear a yellow t-shirt to show diversity and unity.

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