The Many Uses of Black Truffle Salt

Black truffles are the most expensive truffles in the world. Black truffles are mostly harvested from the "Italian Alps" of Switzerland and France.

These truffles, like any other type of salt, have high amounts of minerals, of which iodine is the most important. The increased concentrations of iodine cause the truffles to develop a strong taste.

It is not clear how black truffle salt is prepared but Iodine is added after the salt has been processed into flakes, chips or powder. For an even stronger flavor, powdered salt with black truffles is added to liquefied beets.

Cooking is almost certainly the most effective way to serve this type of truffle. Because they have a low melting point, they remain soft and tender when heated.

They can easily be grated with a little too much salt in a long cooking period. Black truffles work well with dishes that are prepared quickly such as an olive-oil risotto, fresh berries, soups and salads.

A very traditional method of preparing this type of truffle is by deep-frying them in oil. The truffles are then placed into a baking dish that has been greased with either butter or lard. The dish is then filled with batter.

Truffles are cooked by a thin layer of oil being applied to the bottom of the dish to prevent the truffles from sticking to the bottom. The truffles are usually fried for between two and four minutes.

You will want to carefully move the truffles around the dish during the cooking process, in order to ensure that all sides are evenly browned. When you remove the truffles from the oil, they should be as crispy as the top of the dish. You will probably have to turn them frequently to ensure that they cook evenly.

Black truffle salt is prepared the same way as any other type of salt, except it is generally made from truffles rather than sea salt. Black truffle salt is great with pasta dishes such as stuffed shells and stuffed fish or meat.

Bruschetta, also known as Italian stuffed artichokes is a popular dish served in many Italian homes. The truffles can add an interesting dimension to this simple appetizer by adding a rich and spicy flavor to the filling.

It is easy to make the filling with a combination of pine nuts and grape tomatoes and black truffle salt to add a tangy, sweet taste. The truffles can also be added to sauces, stews, pasta sauces, vegetables and grains.

Serving truffles is an opportunity to show off the true culinary delights of a good old tradition of Italian food. Black truffle salt adds a classic taste to many classic Italian recipes and prepares flavorful dishes at any meal time.

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