Why Should you Avoid Hotel and Prefer Hostel for your Stay?


Modern hostels, along with their popularity, have grown over the past few years. This means hostels are known to offer better accommodation experience, better amenities, better internet facility or access, a better place to party and more. This has ensured for a simple hostel to compete against some of the best hotels out there. Let’s dig into a few reasons as to why one should prefer a hostel over a hotel.

  1. Save Money – If you’re traveling to a location with a limited budget, then one of the first things to consider is to book a hostel over a hotel. For one; then a sense of experiencing freedom is seen more while staying in a hostel over a hotel. And two; there are many amenities offered by a hostel for the same price as compared to a hotel.
  2. Experience Home – If you miss your home, then staying in a hostel offers a similar kind of experience. The beds are comfortable, the rooms look cozy and inviting and a lot of other reasons make hostels offer you a homely experience.
  3. Eat Meals – Few modern hostels offer a complimentary meal which can be either breakfast, lunch or dinner. This gives you the perfect opportunity to share your meals with other travelers and having a great time talking.
  4. Better Nightlife – Modern hostels organize and offer party experience for all travelers. This is when you meet new people, enjoy your drinks and also play a few party games.

These are some of the advantages of staying in Phuket hostels over a fancy hotel.

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