Education: A Valuable Need

For years, business managers, academics, and seasoned professionals have debated the value of education versus experience in the technical workforce. Is it better to hire recent university graduates, knowledgeable in the latest technology, to bring a fresh perspective?

Unfortunately, many fall into the trap of creating a false dichotomy and assume that only one choice is correct. Recent graduates tend to see education as most valuable, seeking justification for the time and expense of their university investment. You can also visit to know more about 3D education online.

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Business managers, however, know that value is defined by something completely different neither education nor experience. This article will consider what is valuable and will suggest ways that both experienced graduates and inexperienced professionals can express their value to potential employers.

A university professor, one with years of both industry and academic experience, once explained, "Education is only an accelerator of experience, not a substitute." 

Unfortunately, societal viewpoints and sly university marketing have exaggerated the value of a university education and set up a expectation that a degree is a guaranteed key to success. The reality, however, is that employment is traditionally gauged by an employee's value. Education is just one of several factors that define that value.

Experienced professionals, especially those who have worked in a niche industry for a long period of time, may find themselves in a position of technical seniority that results in intellectual complacency.  

A reality of business is that nearly all decisions are based on their impact to the bottom line. Hiring practices are no exception. Businesses seek employees that can deliver value to their customers and consequently improve or sustain profitability. 

The solutions may require academic credentials, industry experience, or a combination of the two. But in any case, those solutions are what makes an employee valuable.

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