The Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communication solutions refers to the integration of different kinds of real-time communication like Presence, IP telephony, and Instant Messaging. This can have enormous time-saving benefits for workers in addition to cost-saving benefits for businesses.

Using a Unified Communications alternative there’s not any need to have different telephones, faxes, and computer programs. Instead, you can obtain all your communication into a single inbox. This is very great for remote workers. You can get unified communication solutions at

The Unified Communications Solutions

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Listed below are the Unified Communications solutions.

1. Presence – Presence shows you if a person is online and if they’re offered to collaborate. For example, the innovative technology may allow you to know that if any of your co-workers are at a meeting and so it helps to save yourself time and hassle of attempting to get hold of them. It’s among those attributes contained in the new Microsoft Lync 2010 merchandise.

2. Video-conferencing – You can have meetings across the Web with higher excellent sound and high-definition image, the demand for face-to-face meetings have significantly decreased with the invent of video conferencing.

3. Instant Messaging – Instant messaging makes it possible for colleagues to talk on a casual basis without leaving their desks. But a busy worker may find it trying to handle their e-mails, faxes, and text messages in addition to Instant Messages. That’s why unified communications simplify workflow by incorporating communications to improve response time.

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