Title insurance can protect you from losses

Ownership claims are rare. Even if you are looking for a title that was created at the time you were listed in the description before you bought your property, there may be something that was missed and someone may have sued your property.

However, the previous owner has likely permitted others to use the property in some way without recording it. An example is if the previous owner had given verbal permission to his neighbor to use part of the property for a specific use. If not documented and filed, such an agreement may not appear when searching for property insurance.

Title insurance can protect you from losses

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This is how stock insurance works

Property insurance protects you from legal flaws. This deficiency occurs before the date your policy was issued and before owning the property. The title agent examines the history of the property to identify and correct any flaws in the title before issuing a policy.

Check your guidelines

The first thing you need to do is check your insurance policy to see if it is specifically excluded from claim or use. It is possible that this particular use is called an exception and you have forgotten about it.

If a claim isn't listed as an exception, you probably do have a case and should contact your real estate agent.

Contact your agency

Please see your policy for specific instructions on how to contact the agency if you have a complaint. It is in your best interest to follow these instructions carefully. This usually requires submitting written documents and proof of damage or loss.

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