All About The Olive Oil

The olive oil is used all over the world in various ways. Whether it is about cooking at home or a hotel or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, this oil is the liquid gold that is used for numerous purposes and is extracted by pressing the whole olives.

Green olives produce bitter oil and the overripe olives are capable of producing the rancid oil. To get the right organic olive oil, all the olives need adequate care. The trade market of this oil is spinning money globally.


The Types Of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin – This is the higher quality of this oil and contains only 0.8% acids, thus, it has a fruity taste. The production of this superior quality oil is highest in the Mediterranean i.e. 80% in Greece.

Virgin – This type of oil is of slightly lower quality and is 1.5% acidity free in nature.

Refined – Obtained from virgin olive oil without an initial glycerin addition. While extracting the oil, no kinds of solvents are used but the refining procedure involves a few chemical filters and charcoal.

Olive Pomace Oil- This oil is not exactly defined as olive oil. It is blended with virgin oil and is fit for consumption. However, it comprises of the same fatty components as the regular olive oil.

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