First Aid for Children

"Don't hurt yourself " is one of the most important things to remember. Keeping a first aid kit at home and in the car is the best way to ensure that you can give your little one the first aid they may need. You must undergo premier paediatric first aid course to get ready in every situation.

Remember to always update your first aid kit by checking the expiration date of the triple antibiotic ointment, saline, and other items that may be in your kit such as: Benedryl that you add after talking to your doctor and health care professional about getting the correct dosage.

It is also important to have the correct items in your kit. Aside from the basics, the instant ice pack (small 4 x 6 inches) is great for home booze and especially on the go, as it doesn't require a refrigerator prior to use.

Another item, the 2-inch gauze wrap (more elastic than regular gauze), is also essential in your kit. If it is not sterile, use sterile gauze pads first if the skin breaks, then cover the wound with gauze.

Taking a short first aid (and CPR) course is helpful because things have changed in recent years, and techniques and products have made huge leaps and bounds.

The key to providing the best first aid care for your children is taking the time to familiarize yourself with your first aid kit and make sure you know what to do with each item and keep it updated and available that you and your doctor consider it necessary.

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