Digital Content Marketing – What Is the Fuss About

In digital marketing, two things immediately catch the attention of someone at first sight when viewing a website is its design and content. Now, the design may include the layout of the website, a combination of colors used, beautiful pictures used, all together strategically placed to get the user's attention – Mission Accomplished !!

While the design produces interest, gives a nice feel, and the idea of what the website is all about, spell out the content to the viewer and make an impact on an idea or product. Read more to know about digital content marketing and how it works for your website.

Design vs Content

There is a long debate that has been around for long enough that pits design and content against each other. Design vs Content – Which is more important? Which one holds more value? Content designers and writers have been at odds and debated endlessly over the superiority of one over the other.

However, the response seems to mix and there seems to be no common ground. Face-off continues. This article does not intend to play the role of a wise old man and give a verdict. Instead, we will focus on the importance of "content" in digital marketing. Before we get into that, it is important to know that "design" is an integral part of a good digital marketing strategy.

We will talk about specific points relating to the design in other articles. For now, in this article, we will also look at why and how "good" content can make a difference. We also aim to solve some misunderstandings about what really counts as "good" content and ended the article with a list of how good content can provide a good impetus for your business and keep customers coming.

What is "good" content?

We read and hear a lot of people talking about the importance of "good" content "and its role in the service of Digital Marketing. But when you do a deeper analysis, basically it all comes down to a key factor. To keep it short and simple, here is what we say content is good :

-Targeted – Who is it aimed at?

-Personalized – Does it strike a chord with your audience?

-Fresh – Have they read something at the same place?

-Search-engine friendly – that's what makes traffic

-Unique – always a plus point

-Interesting – Wins Hands Down

Although these factors may sound repetitive and interrelated, they are unique, independent, and has a significant meaning.