Tips For Protecting Your Home From Pest Control

Hurricanes can have a devastating effect on homes across the country. Therefore, homeowners need to ensure that their homes are prepared for the devastating effects of this natural disaster.

While strengthening windows and loading bunkers from extreme weather conditions is a top priority, other risks remain long after the storm has ended.  You can discover more information about eco-friendly pest control through

Tips For Protecting Your Home From Pest Control

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Increase your pest control efforts before the storm

1. Before reports about potential storms emerge, you can help prevent hurricane pests by conducting internal and external inspections of your home to identify and resolve structural problems that may be exacerbated by an upcoming storm.

2. Although floods and heavy rain associated with storms appear to be effective in wiping out existing mosquito populations, the remaining water behind them serves as ideal breeding grounds for these biting pests. Mosquitoes only need a bottle cap with half an inch of water to breed.

3. Spoiled food due to prolonged blackout during bad weather can invite flies into your home. Flies breed in rotting food and can expose family members to the disease. Food waste and chaos can also attract rodents stranded by storms in search of food and shelter.

4. Water-damaging wood removal can attract annoying termites, pests that can silently chew through your logs and floors in your home, etc., causing thousands of dollars in damage over time. . Additionally, excess humidity around your property can saturate the soil and cause underground insects such as ants to seek more space and shelter in your home.

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