Ways Thumb Sucking Can Affect Your Childs Teeth

Thumb sucking and the impact it will cause to a child’s alignment-When your child’s teeth grow in, it is normal for the upper teeth to overlap the lower teeth. However, a child’s thumb puts extra pressure on the gums and it can keep the teeth from erupting in the right position for a proper bite.

How to thumb sucking affect open bite- A child is a common problem when it comes to the thumb-sucker. This is when the upper teeth do not cover the bottom teeth when biting a child.

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Another common problem is the posterior crossbite. It is caused by a narrow palate because of the pressure created by habit. When crossbite presents the outer part of the upper teeth bites in the middle to lower.

 Speech problems –Thumb sucking can cause speech problems. Cadel is another problem that children may experience and find it difficult to overcome.

 Tongue thrusting – When children suck their thumbs for a period of time, he/she can develop a habit of thrusting the tongue call secondary. Kids move the tongue forward during swallowing and speaking. Even after the stop sucking his thumb, a child will continue this practice creates long-term speech problems, difficulty swallowing, and abnormal development of the jaw.

According to the American Dental Association, most children stop thumb-sucking somewhere between 2 and 4 years of age or by the time the permanent teeth are ready to erupt. At this time it could be too late.

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