Western Blot Services Are Here

The market leading image multiplexing system and associated western blot kit have been introduced together to optimize performance and create a complete multi-color fluorescence image package. The better performing kit provides a secondary antibody conjugate that provides high sensitivity, low background, and minimal crosstalk. 

You can check out the good western blot service at https://www.bosterbio.com/services/assay-services/western-blotting-service. The emission spectrum is usually narrow so that the transmission between fluorescence channels is negligible, which allows detection of colors with excellent spectral separation. Search kit with address:

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Enhanced photostability – Conjugates are resistant to photobleaching and provide stable stains that can be stored and modified

Brighter signal – A conjugation that produces a strong emission signal, increasing the sensitivity of the analysis

Buffer Compatibility – Conjugate compatible with a wide range of buffers and stable at pH 4-9

High specificity – Secondary antibodies are highly absorbed and affinity-purified to minimize off-target immunoglobulin binding and achieve minimal cross-reactivity

When purchasing a Western Blot Imager Multiplex, start by asking me what I need. In addition to Western Blots colourful fluorescence or chemiluminescence applications, would you like to image ethidium bromide-stained DNA gels, mosquito-stained protein gels, and even colony plates to respond to any imaging application in your laboratory? 

If so, look for a system that offers advanced software and pre-programmed touch screen protocols with optimized channels and filter settings so users can launch images instantly and without training. Also consider systems with browser-based interfaces that allow scientists to control and monitor image acquisition and access data from any networked computer or mobile Wi-Fi device.

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