Why You Need to Take Conversion Rate Optimization Seriously

Conversion rates provide the information necessary to determine how well you're reaching your marketing objective – these goals may include increased orders, sign-ups for newsletters or email, product/service recommendations, or inquiries for additional information. Regardless of these objectives, the main goal remains the same – get people to follow through. You can also get conversion rate optimisation services in Brisbane.

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Current Website Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are usually represented by a percentage. For example, when a person visits your website or reads an email message, you should provide a 'call to action,' a link or button, that prompts people to act. Your 'call to action' may include something free to attract more click-throughs – a free report or free shipping. Conversion rates let you know how effective your 'call to action' is.

Conversion rates can also tell you:

  • How well visitors respond to the website or email content
  • Visitor response to color schemes, link colors, headlines, subject lines, and other visual cues

If your current rate is below 2%, then you need to make some changes to improve your Internet marketing strategy. This means taking a really long look at your website, landing pages, and email campaign. Ask other people to perform a review as well – as other people can usually see things you miss.

A good conversion rate typically falls between 2%-10%, depending on traffic and consumer interest in the goods and services you're selling. You will not be able to increase your rate from 1% to 10% overnight, but it's something to strive for. Aim for a 1% improvement from your current rate and then take it from there.

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